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Do you need more medical assistance to jumpstart your weight loss?

Do you have underlying health issues, due to your weight gain?

"Join the Movement"

Starts January 19, 2021


Sign up for classes, get 1 COMPLIMENTARY B12 injection with NP Hired 

"Join the Movement" program consists of VRoK Fitness virtual classes for NP Hired clients seeking total wellness through medial assistance and prescription weight loss methods.

There is NOTHING to be ashamed of when seeking help with weight loss.  Sometimes, you need medical-assistance to influence and combat uncontrollable weight gain, especially when you begin to have other health conditions.

Janie Charlot, Owner of NP's Hired Health and Weight Loss, is a well-respected Nurse Practitioner who has given into her true passion of medical weight loss (prescription appetite suppressants, B12 injections, etc.).  

If you feel you need more medical guidance, schedule your consultation with Janie and her staff today! 

Tell her VRoK Fitness sent you!

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