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Let's be honest, eating "well" is just plain hard!  If you did not grow up with good eating habits, it's only gets harder as you get older!  

Fast food is such a temptation today, especially with the stress of life, so we have to prepare and plan ahead to avoid making "the stop" in drive-thru!

VRoKnutrition aids in providing guidance through detox methods, accountability check-ins, a personal meal plan and planner with a COMPLIMENTARY portion control kit. 

*All VRoK programs begins with a detox phase* 

Help is Here!  View our Virtual Grocery Tour with Sumer Charity, Owner of SheCooksAtl! Learn the variety of foods that are better for you, gives you energy, and fuels you for greatness! 

When you sign up for Personal Training and/or Small Group Training, you will receive these tools and resources included in your paid packages.

Virtual Grocery tour

Virtual Grocery tour

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Are you staying hydrated?

Hydration keep you mentally strong, physically strong, and your joints flexible.  Your goal should be half of your weight in ounces for maintenance and one gallon if trying to lose or extremely high temperatures.

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