Let's be honest, eating "well" is just plain hard!  If you did not grow up with good eating habits, it's only gets harder as you get older!  

Fast food is such a temptation today, especially with the stress of life, so we have to prepare and plan ahead to avoid making "the stop" in drive-thru!

VRoKnutrition aids in providing guidance through detox methods(Hands of Sage products), accountability check-ins, a personal meal plan and planner with a COMPLIMENTARY portion control kit.

Hands of Sage is a detox herbalist that has been in business for over 10years. She has a special blend that has been VRoK Fitness-approved for optimal use and results.  *All VRoK programs begins with a detox phase* Click the links below for more.  The Clean Start is excellent for removing toxins and bad bacteria from the colon and has been proven to reduce up to 10lbs with 3 day usage, depending on the individual.  The Clean Start Deluxe is a stronger version that helps with digestive issues that needs a little push.  Added enzymes for additional comfort!

VRoKnutrition monthly program details: *6mo. commitment minimum required.*

  • Individualized Meal Plan

  • Weekly live check-ins

  • Nutrition Monitoring

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Meal containers

ONLY $39.99/mo.



Jumpstart your journey with Hands of Sage Clean Start or Clean Start Deluxe today!

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