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Certified and licensed programs include, but not limited to:


Zumba®, Zumba® Gold, MixxedFit™, POUND®, Barre Above®, Strong by Zumba ®, Mossa Group Power, LeanUP BootCamp, VRoKAroma-Yoga, and Plate by Zumba®, VRoKcircuit, SWAT team’s Soulful Healing Rebounding, TRX, Silver Sneakers, Pilates, etc.  



Kylie Ross is the owner and operator of VRoK Fitness with experience in teaching and creating choreography for licensed programs that students adore and see results from and is a Certified Personal Trainer.


My personal journey was the inspiration behind VRoK. With a lifetime of weight struggles, and heaviest weight reaching 384lbs, I developed serious injuries and other health issues. After having Gastric Bypass, I lost 75-100lbs, along with my change in behaviors and nutrition. Many assume that surgical assistance is the answer or is considered “cheating”; however, I am here to tell you it’s not! It is a resource that will jump-start the loss by encouraging instant change in nutrition and portion control. Blood pressure and diabetes is often regulated and cured as a result of it. There is still much work to be done. As your stomach heals and cravings come back, you must focus, focus, and focus on fitness and nutrition. I am a living testimony, among others, that this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! There is nothing to be afraid; you will have support, regardless of your methods.


As the owner of VRoK, I am here to assist you in your journey through fitness, rehab fitness, and nutrition. I work with non-profit, dance facilities, gyms, and corporations. I have invested time, efforts, and money in educating myself and others on training and nutrition.

VRoK Fitness is changing lives, one program, one day at a time through effective fitness and wellness services. VRoK is an independent contracting partner with City of Acworth, Dekalb Co. GA., and other Corporations, bringing group fitness and certified nutritional coaching and guidance that have and still is proving results in people's lives. We ready to partner with you and/or your facility. We offer nutritional needs suitable for everyone through certified coaching; in addition to, various fitness programs that guarantees results you will absolutely love!

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Something special for my brides

Special for my brides

Programs we offer

Programs we offer...

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