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CEO & Founder of VRoK Fitness

About Me

Hi, my name is Kylie Ross, and I am a recovering food junky.  My journey has taken me through many levels of highs and lows.  

I reached a point of depression from being in various relationships that made me feel defeated and lonely, so I turned to food and more food.  My highest weight was 400lbs!

Can you believe it?! I couldn't, but I grew accustom and only changed my dress size, but not my lifestyle.  Due to other underlining health issues, I turned to bariatric surgery.

After surgeryI went through much needed therapy to ensure that I was ready for the journey I was about to embark.  After losing 75lbs from the physical adjustments of my recent surgery, my cravings came back; my emotions started taken over again (the little voices came back telling me, I cannot do this and it would not last).  

I turned to the gym and started walking and listening to my music, then I got a Personal Trainer.  She turned me onto Group Fitness classes and I LOVED IT!  I was welcomed immediately and made to feel accepted for the first time in a long time, if ever.

Because I craved the energy and power that I felt in class, I wanted to be that source for others as well.  This led me to instructing!

Now, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor in various formats, including my own, LeanUP Bootcamp; 2B Mindset Nutrition Mentor; and a Certified Nutrition Coach!  I hope that my story can be an inspiration to you that you CAN DO ANYTHING with consistency, faith, and support.

VRoK Fitness is all about support and accountability! We create such in all of our services and programs offered.  We pride ourselves in always giving great value to EVERY client, no matter their gender, fitness-level, and/or SIZE!


Personal Training; Group Fitness Instructor; Zumba Gold; Silver Sneakers; Zumba; Strong; Rebounding; Yoga; BootcampLeanUP Bootcamp; Mixxedfit; Cycling; Step Aerobics; Certified Nutrition Coach; 2B Mindset Mentor and MORE TO COME!

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